Obstacle Course Racing - Do' & Don'ts


Some obstacle course do’s and don’ts in preparation for next week. 

• Run, run, and run some more, especially off road. Get to a forest, park, field, or dirt track, the muddier and wetter the better. Nothing gets you prepared for an obstacle course race like getting the fitness levels up and getting used to running with wet feet.

• Practice in what you intend to wear on the day-it’s too late half way round the course to realise your trousers are falling down and your shoes rub.

• Fill a wheelie bin full of ice cold water and jump into it for as long as possible. Seriously, you will thank us for this one! (really)

• Jump in every puddle at every possible opportunity. When you arrive in your office with wet mucky shoes and trousers, simply explain you are in training for an obstacle course and bask in your work colleagues admiration of how hard/crazy/cool you are. 

• Help your fellow runners out of the Mud Pit, unless you are in it to win it, then it is acceptable to use their heads as stepping stones to easily get to the other side. 

• Bring some hot water to wash yourself down after. Also to defrost your feet and hands

• Try to tape your trainers onto your feet. It doesn’t work, ensures you have zero grip and quite frankly looks stupid. Double knot your trainers and PULL THEM TIGHT! We were still pulling lost trainers out of the mud pit come March.

• Forget your towels/ change of clothes. You will get wet and dirty (goes without saying really)

• Try to keep your car keys or mobile phone in your pocket, not a good idea. 

• Wear cotton. No cotton t-shirts, no baggy jogging bottoms. You will be freezing and it will weigh a ton. Get yourself some proper running gear, doesn’t have to cost a fortune but needs to be quick drying.

• Wear ordinary road trainers, a pair of trail runners are worth their weight in gold in the slippery mud, which means you can laugh at those people slipping and sliding all over the place while you bomb past as sure footed as a mountain goat. 

• Think obstacle courses are a walk in the park. You put the training in and you’ll get the rewards back. Usually a nice shiny medal and some food, plus the bragging rights about how awesome you are.