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Blood Sweat and Tears (BST Extreme) are an extreme sporting group of people who take part in various sporting challenges throughout Northern Ireland and beyond!!


We organise and compete in a range of sporting challenges including; trail running, 10k challenges, Ironman, Decaman, triathlons, hill running, mountain walking, obstacle courses, coasteering...........

If you are interested in any of above and would like to get involved, please contact us by filling in the contact form below


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Blood, Sweat & Tears

Committee 2015


Committee 2015

Chairman:        Keith Clarke

Vice Chair:        Keith Murphy

Secretary:         Mark Farquhar

Assistant Sec:   Ruth Jeanine Arnold

Treasurer:         Nicola McIvor-Henry

Assistant Treas:Clive Arnold

PRO:                   Gail Ryan

Assistant PRO: Janine Martin

Graphic Design: Colin Arthurs

Chief Baker:      Emma-Jayne Earls


Committee Members:

Karle Farquhar

Paul Henry

Keith Weir

Jason Kelly

David Henry

Cynthia Clarke

Peadar McCaul

Dave Wylie