Congratulations to all of our participants who completed our 10k Obstacle trail & Mucky Pups Nov 17 adventure races. 

Wave 1  3 -6 Years 

1st Male: Logan Doherty          1st Female: Anna Mc Nicholl
2nd Male: Cahir Magill               2nd Female: Cara McGinty
3rd Male: Ben Sherlock             3rd Female: Bella Magee

Wave 2  7 -11 Years 

1st Male: Diarmaid Quinn         1st Female: Ciara O'Donnell
2nd Male: Seth Hunniford         2nd Female: Lexi Shannon
3rd Male: Enda Cush                   3rd Female: Sarah Gilchrist
Wave 3  12 -15 Years 
1st Male: Owen Honeyford         1st Female: Lara Marsden
2nd Male: Tiernan Campbell        2nd Female: Asling Cush
3rd Male:  Ross Masden                3rd Female: Molly Watt

We hope you enjoyed running our challenging 10k course as much as our course designers love putting it together to a standard that allows our race to hold OCR European qualifier status. 

* Our top 10 Male & female winners are eligible to compete in the OCR European Championship*

Bib No  Name                     Group       Time

474        Noel Tierney         Male          01:03:25  BST 1ST Male

33          Seamus Bradley   Male          01:05:06  BST 2nd Male

354        Paul Molloy           Male          01:06:01  BST 3rd Male

349        Nigel Mills             Male          01:07:24

215        Walter Johnston   Male          01:08:17

128        Geoffrey Farrel     Male          01:09:48

211        Keith Johnston      Male         01:10:26

163        Richard Hackett    Male         01:10:45

287        Paul McGirr           Male         01:11:30

483        Stephen Walsh     Male         01:11:37  

Bib No      Name                           Group       Time

205            Luiza Ieremie             Female   01:19:59  BST 1ST Female

423            Helena Quinn            Female   01:20:38  BST 2nd Female

335            Sandra Mckeown      Female   01:21:33  BST 3rd Female

346            Amber Miller              Female   01:25:53

190             Joanne Howland       Female   01:25:56

443             Kate Semple              Female   01:28:58

469             Kerry Stewart            Female   01:33:05

228             Linda Kenwell            Female   01:34:07

251             Michelle Magowan    Female  01:34:20

453             Louise Smart              Female  01:36:11

Full Race Results click  file above

Any queries regarding race timing, please email

Note: A time cannot be registered against any participant who did not  display a race number  and or failed to confirm their number at the finish line. 

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